Good food never tasted so Goodsome

22nd March, 2016

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Clean eating is, eating food as close to its natural state as possible, this means that whole grains, nuts, seeds and even natural sweeteners become your friend and processed, refined or even chemically made or enhanced ingredients are not a part of your eating schedule.
We understand that people are becoming more conscious about the foods they eat, so much so that people are now reading the ingredient list and looking at the nutritional panels of products to make sure what they are eating is healthy. Goodsome foods was created to give people a real healthy choice instead of food pretending to be good for you. We take pride in knowing that our products will taste great and your body will appreciate it as well. Check us out at

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Epicurean Kitchen’s latest developments

21st March, 2016


We have been actively working on rebranding ourselves, we have introduced a new brochure featuring our delicious products, we have also launched our new website at and best of all we have teamed up with a sophisticated wholesale ordering app Order Pro which will improve our accuracy whilst speeding up your ordering. This has taken a lot of work, but we don’t stop here, we have already begun improvements on our website, our product range and the great people for Order Pro have also promised new features to assist in ordering, reporting and connectivity to accounting systems. All in all we have come a long way and we are ready for the long road ahead.