Beware of cheap

22nd April, 2016

It seems that everyday in business we are trying to cut costs to keep us afloat.

But many businesses base their cost cutting on cheaper products, cheaper ingredients and less labour. This sometimes works but mainly ends up destroying a business. What business owners seem to forget is service and consistent quality is the basis of most successful businesses. These days the consumers carefully spends their dollars in places where the food is consistently great, the quality is always perfect and where the service is always exceptional. These key factors is what makes one business succeed over the others, NOT buying a cheaper cake or cut of meat. The food industry has such a huge mark up that buying cheaper could be the difference between saving a few cents or the possibility of losing your regular customer. These customers would normally spend every lunch or every second lunch at your business and now their looking for a place where the quality and service matches their needs

Losing sales means losing money and losing money means cost cutting, this is the beginning of the end for your business.

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Mortal Sin Cake – Beware of copy cats

13th April, 2016

Our Original Mortal Sin Cake has been copied that many times that I have lost count.

I am sick of our cake manufacturers copying what we create. What upsets me even more is their copies are made of noting but the cheapest garbage that they can put together and call it a cake. Over the years Our Original Mortal Sin Cake has increased in price due to rising ingredient costs. But instead of cheapening Our Original Mortal Sin Cake we just had to increase the price to maintain the quality that our customers have come to expect.

There is cheaper “crap” out their if price is all you care about.

Here’s the breakdown between Epicurean Kitchen’s Original Mortal Sin Cake and everyone else’s crap.


The base is made of ground biscuit with 22/24 Dutch Cocoa – not cheap and fake grounded dark biscuit crumb.

The cheesecake layer is from our Baked New York Cheesecake – not some fake cold set jelly type cheesecake.

The Chocolate layer is hand folded dense dark coverture chocolate mousse – not some whipped compound chocolate.

The Caramel layer is real caramel whipped and mixed with cream – not a caramel fake flavour in cream.

All in all nothing gets close to the Original Mortal Sin Cake and nothing every will.


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