Original Recipes get harder every year

5th April, 2016


Maintaining original recipes are getting harder and harder every year, this is because the cost of ingredients, especially fresh and real ingredients costs keep climbing in every year. We at Epicurean Kitchen do everything in our power maintain the Original Recipes of our signature products like our BEST tasting baked cheesecakes, our original Mortal Sin cake and our hand folded chocolate mousse cakes. But even changing our processes and cost cutting everywhere else still means the cost of these products need to rise. But rest assured that the integrity, quality and taste of our products have remained the same since 1985.

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Easter is a time for celebration

24th March, 2016

With lent now over, you can finally indulge in your favourite past time, Cake!

Epicurean Kitchen has a great range of cakes to suit every palate, from creamy baked cheesecakes to mouth watering couverture chocolate mousses. So don’t miss out this Easter, make sure you have your treat for Sunday lunch. Epicurean Kitchen would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Easter break.


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