SPOTLIGHT: Tiramisu, the Italian Classic

11th May, 2018

Espresso infused white chocolate mousse, layered between coffee-soaked sponge fingers, topped with dusting chocolate and finished with dark chocolate biscuit crumb, a creamy indulgent slice of coffee lovers heaven. After showcasing our Tiramisu at the Fantastic Food & Drink Expo, the overwhelming chorus of “mmm’s” and “wow’s” caused me to investigate why Epicurean Kitchen’s Tiramisu is just that good.

Tiramisu originated in Veneto, Italy, meaning “cheer-me up” or “pick me up”. There is a myriad of ways and process involved with making a version of the widely renowned dessert, including lots of alcohol, mascarpone and almonds, although the alleged ‘original’ recipe never used alcohol. There are a variety of other things you can use instead of traditional lady finger biscuits or ‘savoiardi’ as the Italians were sure to let me know when we were sampling… some of these options could be panettone, sponge or other sugary breads. The “ladyfinger” aspect could also be doused in Marsala, Kahlua, Tia Maria or other liqueurs depending on the overall flavor you’d be going for such as substituting it for Malibu or Brandy or Port or whatever your Nonna has in her cupboard…

After talking to the creator of the recipe himself, George, he told me that he adapted the recipe from an older cake called the Brandy Alexander Cake. Instead of soaking the sponge fingers in Brandy, he suggested dipping them in espresso coffee and adding a light dusting of sugar and cocoa powder to the top to create an original and innovative take on the classic cake. The dulled intensity of the cult espresso flavor is created by the espresso infused white chocolate mousse, presenting a robust and velvety taste yet simple to digest and easy on your palette. That mixture of juxtaposing tastes is what sets our classic Tiramisu cake apart from the rest.

Try it for yourself…

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